Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Golf Outing Starts the week off!

Tuesday morning.....I played in the Mark Mosley/ NIH Celebrity golf tournament held at Raspberry Falls Golf and Hunt Club in Leesburg, VA yesterday. I hit the ball pretty good, it's tough sometimes in those settings tho! I played with some cool guys from Southern Management Group.....we shot 6 over but had fun! I won closest to PIN on the 15th hole...not sure what I won cause i left after dinner to get back on the other side of town. This was my 2nd time playing in this event and I had fun even though it was very HOT out there.....whew! Also got a chance to meet some of the old Redskin players, Pat Fisher (that cat still has a lot of energy and I would have never guessed that he was that small), Roy Jefferson (big cat! Didn't know he was drafted by the Steelers 1st), Ron Saul and Mike Bragg. The Morgan State Golf Tournament is next....scheduled for June 20th! Looking forward to it for sure!

The NBA finals continue tonight and I know the Celtics are up 2-0 but I still got the Lakers winning the title in six! Game 2 was really crazy....I won't say the officiating was questionable but....the officiating was questionable! Great story on my man Leon Powe...he's a good cat and I'm really happy for him, that he's getting his props now! My man B Ward gets big props for supporting the big fella from the beginning!

The fellas are doing what they are suppose to do in summer school and are about to finish up the first session. The Kenner league will start soon as well! Have fun fellas!!

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