Monday, June 2, 2008

BCA in Atlanta

I was at a retreat a couple of weeks ago and made a promise to some coaching friends that I would start attending the BCA meetings again. So after attending the NBA pre-draft camp in Orlando for a couple of days I headed to the ATL for the Black Coaches Associations annual conference. The BCA is for minority Coaches and Administrators from around the country and is headed by Floyd Keith. It needs to have a bigger voice, but we'll deal with that at another time. Again, this time of year, as a coach, you work on professional development and attend different clinics, seminars, etc.

Had a chance to see a couple of friends while in the ATL as well. Atlanta station is a nice spot......a lot going on there. Buckhead has some nice restaurants and downtown has a couple as well. Watched the Boston/Detroit game at the Fox Sports spot with my partner the "General" and what seemed like a thousand folks. Boston vs Los Angeles is going to be a great series! Wish it could start today......when basketball season is's tough.

Thursday night, Two-Four and KG go at it! I might have to get to Boston for one of those games!

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