Tuesday, June 17, 2008

History and Growth!

Wow! Tiger did it today! The dude is off the charts! The playoffs lived up to the hype! NBC and NIKE made out big this weekend. The decision to put the US Open on prime time was a big hit! Great sports drama, as Tiger and Rocco battled for 19 holes. I’m glad I am living to see this kind of history!

Hey, the Hill Fieldhouse’s floor is almost done. It looks really good! What happens is, every so often, you are suppose to have the gym/arena floor re-done and no one can remember the last time the floor was re-done at the Fieldhouse. The guys were putting the tape down to line the floor. They were also putting down the 3 point lines. There will be two different lines, the women’s line is right inside the men’s 3 point line and will be a different color. It takes awhile for the work to be completed. In the meantime, the guys that are around and in summer school are playing pick up games at UMBC, Loyola and Towson. They are also lifting weights 3 times a week. When players are around in the summer, playing pick up together, lifting and bonding, it makes your team grow. Some guys are rehabbing injuries from the season and some are just around to have a consistent place to workout and play. This is a good sign, because good teams and programs have players that really dedicate themselves during the summer. The Kenner summer league will start on July 5th and we will have a team in the league but only two returning players from the same team can play together. Our team will consist of two returnees and the list of incoming players and some players from other local programs. I know the fellas are looking forward to it.

Boubacar retuned from his workout with the Detroit Pistons today. He said it went well and I’m sure it did. He is a hard worker and will definitely have a chance to make a living playing basketball somewhere. It says a lot for the growth of the program when guys can at least get invited to workout for teams before the draft. I wish Boub and Jamar Smith the best.

NBA Finals Game 6 tomorrow! Don’t hate, it ain’t over!

Until manana! Peace

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GGG said...


I have finally had the time to catch up on all the entries on your blog. I look forward to keeping track of what is going on with you and MSU B-ball this season.

When you get to NC, hit me up so we can tee it up.

Much love,