Friday, June 20, 2008

Celtic Green! And possible Re-Peat!

First of all….Congratulations to the Boston Celtics! Doc Rivers, KG, Paul Pierce & Ray Allen, man they got it done! I really respect how Boston kept pushing and playing hard when they were still up by 30 points. That’s how you are supposed to do it. Play until there are zeros on the clock! I blogged about that earlier, so I’m glad that recent history has given us another example. That game, although a blow out and is not fun to watch, should be a great lesson in how to stay in the present. The Lakers shouldn’t harbor any ill feelings by being blasted like that either because as the saying goes, “Go Hard or Go Home!” Yeah, I picked the Lakers and they didn’t come through. All the fellas picked Boston and I salute the Celtics. I wasn’t hating on them I just thought that Kobe had reached a point that he was going to take a step into history and I really appreciated the huge hill he had to climb to restore his image! I’m happy for the whole crew! I actually know quite a few of those guys, Doc, KG, P.P, Leon Powe, Eddie House (even though he was mad that I didn’t recruit him when I was the Head Coach at Cal…we had quite a few cats and he had a great career at ASU), Sam and assistant coach Kevin Eastman (He was the Head Coach at Washington State when I was the Head Coach at Cal). So I am extremely happy for those guys!

Info came out about Tiger’s knee, which makes what he accomplished in the US Open even more incredible. A tore ACL and 2 fractures, like I said before, whew! And someone had the audacity to suggest that he was faking or over dramatizing the injury. Kills that theory! Take a rest Tiger, get healthy and come back swinging. The tour is going to suffer a little while he’s out, for sure.

Morgan State University Golf outing is tomorrow! We are playing at Turf Valley, which is a nice course and we always have a lot of fun. I’m playing in a foursome with the Chairman of the Board of Regents, Dallas Evans, Don Hill (Morgan State’s Head Football Coach) and another soon to be winner yet to be announced. Now Hill and I won last years outing and are looking for a re-peat! Did the champs just get the # 1 pick in the draft? I hear my man can play! Stay tuned!!!!

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