Sunday, June 1, 2008

First Ever Boze Blog

Hey, I have an audio blog that I did during the season, it's is on the Morgan State Bears website, but this is my first post on "Blogging wit Boze".

I am on a trip that has taken me from B more to Orlando to the Atl. Orlando was the site of the 2008 pre-draft camp. The camp was good, it gave me a chance to see and hang out with the GM's, coaches, scouts, college coaches and media folks that i know. I watched the drills and games on the first day, it was good. Some of the young guys competing in the camp don't really understand that they are being evaluated and judged at all times, some of the comments from the NBA folks were that, some guys weren't going hard enough.

Trying to get a gig! Gotta bring it at all times!

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