Sunday, February 1, 2009

Motivated by the GIFT of another DAY!

Yesterday we won at UMES. We won by a wide margin and that was the second time we've come out strong after a loss. Young folks don't seem to understand but we will continue to try and learn em...chill folks...I know how it's supposed to be said or written! It's my blog! :) lol I stress to them to be motivated everyday...motivated by life itself! They are growing tho so we are getting there. You never want to peak to soon and February is the time that you want to start that real jellin process anyway.

We will practice today at 12 noon but the at 10 this morning we (da family) are scheduled to take some photos for the Baltimore Sun. They are sending a photographer to the house to take some pictures of us for an article that they are doing on me raising my nephew Okoye. He's been with us for almost two years now. My brother Danny passed in 07 and my sister-n-law passed almost two years before that and big brother always said that if something happen to him for me to raise his baby I'm doing what my big brother told me to do. He's a great kid and whenever I get alittle down or start missing my Pops and think of dude and the fact that he loss both parents before he turned 16. He doing great in school, is a football player and runs track. He and my son Blake were tight already and now they hang out all the time.

Practice at this point in the season is mental. We've really broken down the zone offense here lately cause we hadn't seen an awful lot of zone to this point but we most definitely will see alot more in the near future. I usually don't keep them in the gym too long but do try to keep things sharp for sure. I love I can't give up too much! It's another day ya'll!

Super Bowl tonight....I'm picking the Steelers even tho I love the destiny story of the Cardinals! Defense wins Chamionships!

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