Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Get UR Mind Right!

Ok...So Tuesday's are our mental days! What I mean is, it's the day after a game (The MEAC plays Sat. & Mon.) and I don't really like to take the day after a game off so we come in, watch game film discuss the previous game, situations etc and really try to teach the guys. We continue to talk about roles, the importance being motivated everyday and try to get the fellas talking about the game. We do get on the floor and run thru some things but we really try to grow the mental part of the game. NCAA rules require that student-athletes get one day off per week and we give our guys Wednesdays off so we can talk about the game while it's fresh in their minds and then give them the next day off. We'll be back in the gym Thursday morning at 11 am and will leave Friday for Winston-Salem, NC for our game vs WSSU on Saturday and then we play South Carolina State Monday night and will back in B-More Tuesday. Yeah, that's the routine every week.

So my Tuesday was spent watching my brother's team (George Washington University Women) practice at 11:30 am, we had lunch at Johnny Rockets then I headed to B-More for our practice at 4 pm then jetted across the city to Fairfax, VA to watch my son's high school team play at 7:30 pm. I'm really proud of how my brother handles his team and teaches those young ladies. They run some good stuff and have a lot of good young talent. Blake's team won by 20 plus and I got some quality time rapping to my seed on the way home. Full day of hoops huh? Wonderful huh? lol :) YESSIR!

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