Sunday, February 22, 2009

Busters of da Bracket? Rodney Dangerfield or What?

The Bracketbuster is over for this year and I'm gonna share my thoughts on the topic from Morgan State's perspective anyway! Now don't get me wrong...we were definitely excited to participate in the bracketbuster and be the first HBCU (Historically Black College University) to ever participate but we were looking for a different opponent. No disrespect to Towson but we wanted to play one of the better teams in the CAA or another conference. I mean we are 18-10, first place in the MEAC and we've had some good win outside of our conference. I thought we earned the right to not have to play against a team in the bottom of another conference. It was kind of a slap in the face! As a competitor you always want the toughest competition you can get and on top of that...I heard that before the game we (Morgan State basketball program) was looked upon as part of a favorable schedule coming up for Towson!

Wow! I'm not one to put things out there and I definitely took the high road in the press conference but to be true to da folks dat Blog wit Boze...I have to speak on it alittle bit. Still taking the High road just made a slight left turn. :) The conference was just happy to participate and I understand to a certain degree but we could have made a legitimate argument to play a team with a better record. I mean the point of playing in the bracketbuster is to show where you are in regard to other teams around the country that are similar to yourselves. It's suppose to help towards the NCAA tournament selection and I know we are not in a position for an at-large bid but we still deserved the right to be matched against a team with a winning record. Sure...we lost some early games in conference to couple of teams with losing records but conference play is different. Conference teams know more about you etc. so it's a different game...hence Maryland defeating UNC even though UMD didn't have a winning record in conference play (don't start trippin folks, I'm not taking a shot at UMD...just making a point).

N T way...the fellas were ready to play and Itchy continued to impress with his leadership. He scored 14 points in the first half to carry us until the second half and the other cats got involved. He scored 2 points in the second half but in true PG fashion he scored when he needed to then got his team mates involved. He did finish with 9 assist also. We had five guys score in double figures and we'll continue to press for that day when everything clicks! But at this point in the season it's a good thing to be able to win some games eventhough we haven't hit on all cylinders yet. I'll take it could be worst huh?

We'll practice this morning before heading down to Hampton for our second conference ESPN game of the season. We'll have 2 more conference games at home (Delaware State) and one on da road (Coppin State). Man...let me get out of here and get to practice....


MSUBEARS said...
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MSUBEARS said...

I feel you coach, all this tells you is that there is still work to be done....I have followed the team this year as i have every year since my days on campus, and i must say we have had a hell of a year......Yet as you said there were atleast 5 games we couldve and shouldve won....But as you would say at 18-11 "I'll Take it"..But i dont think that folks in or out of conference will really take us serious until we actually win those games we shouldve won, and have a 18-5 record. Then they will recognize. Look at last nights game at hampton, hampton stunk up the place but then again we didnt smell like old spice either. To be honest it was probably the worst I have seen us play since the St. francis game. Its like we have to learn to take it to these guys in conference and not let up the throttle till we are on the bus heading back up 95. You have turned the program around in 3 years. however after 30 plus years of being the that mat the use to be around your grannys toilet for so many years we need consistant years of dominance. We are off to a good start with 2 conference banners hanging in hill field house thanks to you and your staff and the cats the chose Morgan over the other schools i am sure they couldve chosen. damn I am still tripping about the loss last night I dreamed about it as i am sure you and the guys did....but like you say we got to swallow that and move on...the good thing is that we dont have to worry about sustaining any win streak lets just finish the conference and head to winston salem with 3 conf. losses, and grind out the 3 games we will play in the conference. But getting back to the point of there still being work to be done, I sincerely hope that it is your intentions to stay with us for a while.