Sunday, February 15, 2009

One Bad apple don't spoil da whole bunch! Or does it?

You know...folks always complain about officials and sometimes it justified and sometimes it's not. I do understand that they are human and will sometimes make mistakes. But do they? Huh man? During the game we played last night vs FAMU I was and still am actually as upset as I have been with an official. He was totally inappropriate, disrespectful and bad! Not only that...he officiates in the Washington, D.C area and I NO respects the guys! Now, I know you guys are saying Wow, Boze you're really going at this guys. I've always said that if anyone can affect the outcome of a game it's an official and until the Tim Donaghy incident not many people believed it. Well, I said, they are human, with feeling etc. and so are coaches and we take all kind of harassment from fans etc. There is always a line that shouldn't be crossed. Some cross it most don't. Well, I expect the officials to do a good job every night and I have never had a problem if an official talks to me. Coaches and officials should be able to communicate with other on the floor unless and coach is getting out of hand. If he or I do then Tech the cat and keep it moving. But if you miss a call or are wrong then admit it and keep it moving but correct it. Now this a*$ gave me a tech because I looked at him! First, it took me 10 seconds to get the officials attention because the shot clock hadn't started and when I did get his attention and he began to address the folks at the scorers table, one of them suggested that it should be set at 30 something and I interjected that it couldn't be (they eventually set the clock at 17 seconds)...well this dude shouts to me to "mind yo business!, This ain't yo business!" HUH? Obviously I reminded him that this is my business...he then walks towards me and says..."That's it don't want to hear anything else from you!"

Well, I've received 3 technical fouls in 3 years and whenever an official has told me basically to chill...I have. Well, against my better judgement :) , I walked away! As play continued the action swung to our end...I was standing on the sideline as the action passed by...God forbid...I looked at the dude posing as an official. Well, he gives me a tech! I didn't open my mouth, no one from the bench said a word and even one of the other officials came by and asked me what I said. When i told him nothing...he laughed. He knows the dude is awful as well! He didn't say it but you know what I mean! Needless to say I placed a call to the Supervisor of officials as I will do if I feel an injustice has occurred or want to discuss rules etc. This guys is BAD and shouldn't be a position to affect livelihoods. If that game was close and that tech factored into the game...dude is a closed!

Ok..I got that off my chest! Whew!! Aiight...hey it was a good team win and we will continue to grind! Hey sorry I gave the cat that much attention but da blog is about the life & times of a college coach! lol Just keeping it real ya'll! Keep rolling wit a brotha! It didn't spoil my Valentine's Day that's for sure!! :)

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