Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Grinding & Growing with "Pride"

Last night we won a nail bitter at Delaware State 57-54. Whew! Del State is always tough to play and especially in Dover, Delaware. Last years game was a 38-36 victory and seemed like we played half court make it take. Young folks won't get that! :) Anyway, we made some really bad plays which were a direct result of a lack of focus and hopefully we can grow from it. I told the fellas that we really need to learn from those mistakes even after victories and not just from defeats. Sometimes young folks have to suffer before they learn from an experience. Maturity is learning even when things are positive or going well! Every possession was important and in the end we made free throws and Itchy made a big defensive play and converted free throws at the end to seal it for us! Grinding baby!

Comcast Sportsnet had approached me a couple of weeks ago about getting some footage of us on a road trip and yesterday was the day. You know as a coach you try to stay as routine as you can and if you do something out of the norm you really hesitate to break the routine. Well I agreed to it and they were on the bus to Dover, put a mic on me for the game and was in the locker room before, during half time and after the game. I showed the movie "Pride" on the ride to Dover, we even sat outside the arena for a minute until the movie was over it was so motivating and powerful! Great movie with tons of lessons! Great for young people and teams in general. It's based on a true story with Bernie Mac and Terrance Howard that lots of folks can relate to. No.....go get da movie peoples! I ain't gonna tell ya'll the whole joint! lol Just know my eyes water everytime I watch da movie!

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MSUBEARS said...

great game coach.....the fellas gotta realize that black folks have high blood pressure and these close games are going to kill somebody one of these days..namely meeeee!!!!!!!!lol....its funny you spoke of comcast filming you, because i commented on a earlier blog and asked if you think morgan would produce copies of the maryland game....I think it would be a great fundraiser to sell copies of that....it would be like blue magic from american ganster....lol.....let the fellas know regardless how few folks maybe in the stands there are 10 times as many listening and following suck as myself who are thousands of miles from campus....good luck for the remainder of the season, looking forward to the game on espn this weekend...peace....