Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Game! Super Examples!

Wow! What a great game! I was rooting for the Steelers but I loved the destiny story of the Cardinals! Every year after the Super Bowl we talk about it being the best game ever and then years game is as good if not better! Both teams made plays when that had too! And what a great lesson for young folks about not giving up and playing the entire game. Mike Tomlin the Steelers coach had a great quote after the game when asked how he felt when Arizona scored that touchdown to take the lead. My man said hey if they were going to score I would have rather they score quick so they would have time themselves. The ending of the response was the best tho...he said I felt good because it's been that way the whole year for them in terms of playing for 60 minutes! Young teams can really learn from that game! How many times have you seen folks body language change to the negative when something doesn't necessarily go their way initially. I'm on my guys about that all the time! Body language is huge to me!

Now obviously, there were many lessons to learn from a game like that but I just pointed out one that stood out to me! Great stories on both sides...I love stories of people persevering and reaching their dreams and goals! God is good! Stop tripping ya'll...I'm not saying he was rooting for one team over the other but the fact that we get lessons from so many different arenas. How faith can get you thru anything! It might not happen when you want it to but it will a matter of how bad you want it and how much you are willing to work and or keep working for it! I'm living it baby! James Harrison was cut 4 least once by the Steelers (he was the AFC Defensive player of the year this year), Kurt Warner use to bag groceries, won a Super Bowl, 2 NFL MVP awards and wasn't wanted by any other team at the beginning of the year (only as a back up with the Cardinals), I could go on and on...GREAT GAME and Congrats Pittsburgh Steeler fans! Redskins 4 Life! LOL! The dream lives on baby!

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