Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What Had Happen Was....

Ok...I know...but you know I had to get that groove back baby! After the last text I got sick, then the holidays hit, my router went bad at home and we we're in a crazy part of the season. The bottom line is I'm back to blogging ya'll!

It's Wednesday and it's the teams day off. We lost a tough game to Hampton Monday night. We controlled the game in the first half going up by as many as 12 or 13. I thought we should have been up by 15 -20 at half but we are still growing as a team. The second half we didn't attack the same way and they hit some shots from the 3. We still had a chance at the end...down 1 and the ball in the hands of 2 of our best low post scorers...hey could've wrote it any betta. The next day we spent time watching tape and trying to teach them how to recognize situation etc. It's a constant learning process. Coaching...gotta love it!

I did appreciate the fact that alot of folks kept asking me about the blog and how come I hadn't been blogging! :) Well I jsut finished watching a movie with my baby's the 2nd snow day in a row for her and I really enjoy spending time with my baby! We watched P.S I Love U. It's a chick movie and I had seen it before but daddy's little gurl wanted to watch it soooo. Great movie tho and bigtime creative!

So before I workout and watch more game film of our next opponent, I wanted to blog! Ok! That's what had happened! No more gaps! :)


MSUALPHA2 said...

Coach Bozeman...I really appreciate the way you've turned around this program. I've had the opportunity to attend every home game last year, along with the MEAC Tournament and at least 6 this season. I'm a very straight shooter and being that you are the head coach, I know its very hard to receive criticism...nobody does. As a former H.S. baskeball player from a successful program in P.G. Co., MD and 3 years of service as an Asst. Coach in Baltimore City...I'm coming from a different standpoint. After watching the Howard and Hampton game this weekend, I saw a completely different team on Monday. They weren't as aggressive defensively, lacked the focus with all the turnovers and didn't run through your plays. We both know that a team like Hampton should never beat your program. You have more size and a deeper bench than anyone in the MEAC. I felt you were out coached. I sat behind Hampton's bench and listen as their coach continue to keep his team motivated on the bench. He told them to keep applying pressure and they will get the turnovers and win the game. The applied a full court press almost the whole game. I know most programs apply a press early or when they're down, but you have the type of team and talent to do it whenever you like. Hampton was undersized, but we didn't take full advantage of pounding the ball inside. Which in return would open the outside for perimeter shots for Holmes, Barnes and Bolden. Kately and Stokes can't be stopped in the low post and Thompson is coming along well. If given the ball more instead of offensive rebounds, they will get a lot of program is foul trouble not to mention slow down the past and throw off the rhythm of fast programs like Coppin & Hampton. I'm in the process of getting me and some of my friends to contribute to the athletic program. I truly hope you can continue to have success with this program...we wish you all the best!

onejazzyman said...

Coach Bozeman, it's great to see you blogging again. As I've said in my previous comments, your commentary is very inspiring, tactiful and fun to read.

I agree with MSUALPHA2 comments regarding your basketball team. I was at the Howard game and felt your team played well after a scrappy start. Although I was not at the Hampton game, your teams seem to play with less focus at times and nonchalant in some of the games. There are a few games the you loss this year that should have been wins (the Manhattan game for example). However, I know you will rally your team and I want to thank you for being a coach as well as a father to many of these young men. You have done an exceptional and tremendous job with these young men and continue to do the good work. Morgan State is blessed to have you as a part of their family.

MSU93 said...

Keep your head up Coach...losses are a part of the game...hampton wasnt as bitter a pill to swallow as was manhattan, lasalle, and st. francis...hell even washington was alot closer than the score. I was able to catch that Washington game on cable and we represented...I think the most important lesson is that anyone can beat anyone...famu beat us, famu losses to bethune who we beat by 35, and the lose to umes....You are a basketball genius sir, turning our program around in 3 years wasnt a know the game....i think our guys just need to stay focus , play every game as if they are playing a big east, sec or pac 10 team....focus and finish out every game one game at a time......Dont worry about the meac tourney, not the ncaa tourney just close out every game with a sense of urgency....My only hope is that the university finds the money to keep you for another 3 years i am sure your phone has been ringing off the hook....i think you guys should sell copies of the maryland game for a fund raiser...i would be willing to bet it would sell like krispy kreme hot now doughnuts.....good luck for the remainder of the season and let me know if you get a chance about selling those dvd....peace..........MSU93@AOL.COM