Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Causal Wednesdays....4 Minnesota Fatz!

Wednesday is the day that we give our guys off. The NCAA requires each team to have one day off per week and I know I've explained it before but we chose Wednesday, because we have a Saturday/ Monday schedule in the MEAC conference and I like to discuss, review, work out the kinks etc. while it's still fresh in their minds. So we practice Tuesday's, call it a mental practice, watch tape of the previous game, make adjustments if necessary, lift weights and keep it short and sweet! Once we are done with a game (the next day included) I like to move on...good or bad. That way Wednesday is a complete day weights etc. just class and we are back on the grind Thursday going hard for two days gettin ready for the weekend games!

Wednesdays are also good to run errands, get da wig cut, take care of paperwork, see recruits, do the expense report and basically to chill! I typically like to really relax on Wednesday's and free my mind, recollect my thoughts, read, return lots of phone calls (I'm so zoned out during game days and in between) and reenergize! works for me!

The NBA All-Star weekend is coming up and it's in Phoenix, Az. The last time it was there I was coaching at Cal and we just happen to be in town playing the Arizona schools. That's where I met David Justice, Kenny Lofton and some other major leaguers while we were all out shooting pool one night. Of course I won...what kind of question was that? I'm mean on pool table baby! It was poppin in Phx that weekend and I'm sure it'll be on again this weekend! I hope everyone has a safe weekend! bout an Old Timers Dunk contest! Wow..did I just say that after wishing everyone a safe weekend! LOL

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