Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Foundation has been Laid!

Sometimes as a coach you're talking to your team, trying to get them going...sometimes you speak alittle louder ( wink-wink), sometimes you challenge guys, sometimes you go at your best player(s) and still...sometimes they won't get going! Well Monday night in Hampton was one of those days/nights. I'm not sure if it was because it we played 5 games in 9 days, the hour between the time we spoke in the locker room and the start of the game (the women's game went into overtime, then they had a discrepancy on the score) or the 30 or so minute wait after the cheerleader hit her head (hope she is okay btw...we said a prayer for her on the sideline) or these cats could have just been out of it. Whatever it was, it was one of those days! You always get one or two of those games a year and hopefully this one and the Saint Francis games were our two! We were 9-17 from the free throw line, 0-8 from the 3 point line (first time in the 3 years we've been at Morgan) and we still had a chance to win or tie the game at the end. We drew up a play and one of the guys went to the wrong spot. But hey...Mama said it would be days like that!

With all that...we were still successful in clinching the regular season title for the second consecutive year. It's a big accomplishment and I'm extremely proud of the guys. It says alot of where we've come as a program and it's important to recognize Morgan State basketball as a program now. When a program can lose the Player of the Year, the Defensive Player of the Year and the starting point guard and come back and win the conference again...speaks volumes! We are going in the right direction. I'm proud of the guys and we owe a lot to guys like Ron Timus (came back to play his last year when he didn't have to), Boubacar Coley, Jamar Smith and Jerrel Greene for taking the first steps and laying the first bricks! Thanks again fellas!

That said...WE got work to do this Saturday (Senior night at Morgan vs Del State), next Thursday ( last regular season game and it's at Coppin) and the MEAC tournament March 10-14 where we will be the number 1 seed. We want to finish strong and the only reason I'm even discussing it wit ya'll is because we've clinched the regular season already. I'm just getting in from watching the Prince George's County 3A/ 4A championship game at Wise Sr. High School this evening and thought I'd share my thoughts....we have practice at 11 a.m so ima chill and start da shut down process...I'll Holla


Zydruuuunas said...

Coach Boze,

Was looking to get in touch with you via email, but your .edu email does not work. How can I get a hold of you?

DcReds said...

Congrats on the Hugh Durham Award nomination coach.

Go Bears!