Monday, September 20, 2010

Work it!

Ok...i know i haven't blogged n a min. Alot going on...that's probably a good time blog huh? Well...i sitting n my office after individuals. This is the 4th week, i think, of preseason conditioning and workouts. I've been pleasantly surprised with the returning guys and the new comers as well. This is the first time we've had a number of leadership guys at the same time. It's unique and different. It's cool cuz they are coaching the new guys and r almost creating a situation where i don't have to say much. Now, don't run wild wit that thought cuz i'm going to participate for sure...i'm just sayin! :) Every returning guys has gotten better, which shows that they worked this past summer.

We've added Bikrams Yoga to the workout...that's without taking anything out. The fellas aren't necessarily happy about it but they do put the full effort n2 it. I just thought flexibility would b very important. This is probably the biggest team we've had since we've been here. Big guys aren't the most flexible cats either! Everyone is working hard and the nu guys always struggle alittle at first b we coach mental quickness and it's a lot of information at one time. They typically get it n due time. Some guys don't make transition and u can guess the results.

O.k...i'm outta here! Gon grab some soup and get ready for some FOOTBALL....MNF Baby!

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