Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tee it UP & Keep it Straight...

Labor day weekend…. it’s Sunday about noon and I’ve been up since about 8am. Yesterday was a full day. A round of golf with da fellas at Woodmore Country Club, The Morgan State vs Bowie State football game @ Morgan, Then O’s game @ Camden Yards w/ a Morgan Alum, then a Cigar launch @ The Havana Club n B More…great day, great weather, but…it was one of my worst days playin golf n 5 years! Whew! LOL! Awful! But golf is alot like life. You’ll have great days and some not so great days and some tough days.

Golf is a game where most people think that being able to hit the ball really far is the key. Power, force, emotion can all work against you. It’s not a game of prefect and neither is life. Keeping your emotions in tact are very important. U can’t get 2 high and can’t get 2 low. Fundamentals r mucho importante as well. You need to be consistent in your approach, stay positive and stay in your lane. It’s important to play the course and not get caught up in what the other cats on the course are doing.

The players with great short games are the ones that are the most successful…thus the saying, “Drive for show, Putt for Doe”. The little things are very significant! Paying attention to details will go along way but having a short memory is big 2!

Some courses are full of hills; most have bunkers on almost every hole. While some have water on almost every fairway. There are fairways that are surrounded by trees and increase the chance to go out of bounds. Are u guys getting my drift?

I’ll close with a poem called, “The Course of Life” by Ken Brown

Life isn’t always fairways,
Life isn’t always par,
It isn’t always easy,
To go from where you are.

The rough may oft impede you
On the journey toward your goal,
Or an unexpected hazard
Might take a heavy toll.

Keep strong your faith and patience
Mist all life’s ups and downs,
And trust your silent partner
Who guides you thru life’s rounds.

Njoy da weekend and hit em straight!

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