Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ABC....EZ as 1,2,3....I want u bac

Ok...so it Tuesday, July 27th and there is 4 days left in the 2010 summer recruiting. Whew, it's been a long hot month and I'm in sunny Southern California preparing to attend a big hoops tournament in Anaheim. There are teams from all over the country in attendance but I will pay particular interest in the teams from da DMV....that's the new age way folks refer to the D.C, Maryland & Virginia area. I know alot of folks are up on it but lots of different people read da blog. Chill! :)

It's important that we see as many recruits as possible. I try to go into areas where I've had success recruiting and areas where I had success with a player because this is a relationship business and if a kid has graduated or had an opportunity to graduate, then the you've held up your end of the deal that you promised when you were recruiting the youngman. Now, as far as the success on the basketball court....that's a whole nutha deal! Yes i said nutha....and it's a word in this case. :) Basketball success unfortunately is weighted differently. Some folks get it some don't. Some kids are good high school players and aren't good college players. Some peak too soon, others are late bloomers! Some pick the wrong systems to play in, others hit it just right. Some pick a coach that would never work or fit for them and others picks mentors and continue to develop and grow. Folks play the blame game and sometimes....i said sometimes, it's warranted. The parents play an important role, the coach does too but the athletes play a bigger role and have to accept responsibility for it. Wow...how did i get all the way there?

It's 4 days left in the recruiting period and I'm taking a minute to blog while i listen to a Jazzy Jeff mix of Michael Jackson cuts that's off the hook! I never can say goodbye......