Friday, July 23, 2010

There is hot...then...there's....HOT! Vi va Las Vegas

Hot is not a definitive enuff word to describe da Las Vegas heat! Whew!! Anyway, the 1st day here i attended Team USA practice and it was good to connect with the cats that i know from the NBA. There were also alot of college coaches there to observe practice as well. Tons of security so if you didn't have was a problem.

It was also good seeing J Kidd (Jason Kidd), he's a consultant with Team USA's team this year. He has always had a great basketball IQ and will make a great coach or GM someday! We were suppose to play golf the next morning but at the last minute we had to cancel. It's funny when i see some the guys i recruited and had/have great relationships with, like Chauncey Billups and Lamar Odom. I recruited both of them and became very close to them. It's always good to see those cats! I'm proud of those dudes to see them reach their dreams and goals and become great leaders in the NBA.

As for the high school ballers....Lots of players and talent out here in Vegas! I've watch alot of basketball in the 2 days since the 2nd period started...and more to come. With all the people here it's hard to believe we r n a recession! Somebody is making $$$$$

Hey, ima get wit ya'll later....i need a slurpee! Super size that bad boy!

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