Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hump n Yo Bac!

It's Wednesday...hump day...well it's hump day for Morgan State Basketball team too. The fellas view this as hump day b cuz, we condition on Wednesday's and it's a BEAST!

We start after classes and meet n da gym. After meeting n da center circle wit them...they stretch, then run. Today was 13 ladders...they start at 1 and go up. Then go 13 and go down. Afterwards wheelbarrows, leaf frog then Bikram's Yoga! Whew! Yea I's tough but they make it. I'm sitting outside the Yoga class as we rap right now. lol The Yoga is cool. I'm going to start bac taking my class when my bulging disc heals. It's jus about healed so it's comin! I actually like the Yoga! The fellas don't! Hey, they don't realize how much we r helping their bodies for real.

I think we...The Morgan State Basketball staff are going to do a number of different things this year. One, have a coaches clinic in Baltimore for the high school and aau coaches. Both girls and boys. 2ndly, we r going to have a kick off luncheon for the MSU Basketball programs. That would include the Men & da Women. I think it would move the program in another positive direction. And 3rdly, we r in da planning stages for "Late Night" wit Morgan State Basketball. Each year the Mid Night Basketball deal has grown more and more and we plan on continuing it! I can't wait 2 start practice! We talkin bout PRACTICE!

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Damon said...

Dear Coach Bozeman, I am writing on behalf of my brother, Byran Roundtree. He is a former student at Morgan who worked out with your team last year.

As you may know, he attended Bowie and red shirted his first year on the basketball team. From there he attended Morgan State where he practiced a season with the team, hoping to play the following season. That did not happen. Since high school and through his college years there seems to have been a lack of guidance to assist him to pursue his passion for basketball. Although very talented, without the proper opportunities he could be another guy they talk about that used to have game.

My request is that you speak to or even meet with him if possible, in order to possibly steer him towards someone that can help him get on the court and use his skills and remaining eligiabilty before they both dwindle away.

I am sure you are very busy with the your Morgan State Program, however if you can find a minute to meet with him it would be greatly appreciated.

Damon M. Roundtree