Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Want to Be FREE!

Orlando, Florida is the site of the Super Showcase and the AAU Nationals, but also a softball championship, the MEAC officials’ camp, the IBO officials’ camp and the training camp site for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of the NFL. As you can see there was and there is a lot going on in Orlando. They not only have the Milk House to hold the hoop tournaments but they have a building adjacent to it that has 6 more full courts. That is 12 total full courts between the two buildings right next to each other and every court was occupied everyday all day. The AAU was setting a precedent by not charging coaches for the coaches’ packets that normally come with the AAU events. The cost for a coaches’ packet normally runs anywhere between $125-$275 and the packets on the women’s side running as high as $900. I won’t go off on the women’s side cause that is off the charts, but on our side the Super Showcase and AAU Nationals have been the only events where we didn’t have to pay for a coaches’ packet. Bobby Dodd is the president and he did a good job of stepping out first and giving us the packets but a lot of coaches complained that the information in the packets weren’t correct. Well what would you expect when it’s free! LOL! Naw….I’m just serious! Hey we’ll just get the info from the AAU coach anyway. They did charge us for parking though…which they never did in the past! It was referred to as priority parking…wink, wink! You still had to walk 3 miles to the gyms! Not really, but it seemed like it. Hey, let me stop, because I'm not complaining because I really enjoy the summer recruiting and I really appreciate the Orlando events as well. I predict that Disney Wide World of Sports complex will take over AAU and youth sports in general. They have every sports complex available for every sport, resorts and parks for the whole family. Makes sense huh?

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