Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hoop Fest! Hoop it Up! Get your Ball on!

I got a basketball jones, I gotta basketball jones! There are over 400 teams here in Las Vegas. Every corner of this country is covered and USA basketball is here as well. Every University in the country is present as well! There is a lot of good basketball, it's just spread out all over the city and extends into Henderson, NV as well. Reebok has a tournament but also has a separate event called a super bracket, where all the top teams in the Reebok family compete for a championship. There are marquee teams from D.C Triple Threat, Worldwide Renegades (Georgia), Franchize (Dallas) that's how they spell it and Belmont Shores (Long Beach), which makes for an exciting tourney! The championship is tonight at 8 p.m. at Foothill high school and I will be in the house.

The other tournaments are in bracket play now. That means they have finished what is called pool play. Pool play is where 4 teams, from different areas, play a round robin (or play each other) and the team with the best record after completing the round robin advances to bracket play. There are seedings like the NCAA tournament and if you lose early in bracket play you go into another bracket or losers bracket. In other words you can keep playing in front of the college coaches and all the recruiting services. Now, if the team loses's sorry charlie, "you don't have to go home....but you got to get the...out of here!"
The format is called double elimination. Man...let me get on the 95 or the 93 or the 515, 215 East/West, North/South. By the way...all of the previous highways are the same. It's confusing but if someone here is giving you directions, they will refer to a highway as the 95 and the sign might abbreviate and say the 93. It's crazy and alittle more detailed than that, but you get the point. It's cool though since I come here every summer. Man, let me get to I'm Jonesing!

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