Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Time Out! What's Next?

I know...where have you been Boze? It’s Wednesday July 16, 2008 and this is the day we come off the road for recruiting for a couple of days. We return to the trails on July 22nd. We can travel on the 21st, but can’t actually watch games until the 22nd, so I’ll be home filling out my expense report and plotting the next recruiting trips through Las Vegas and Orlando before finishing up on the local scene. Last week we covered West Virginia, Richmond, VA and the Agent Zero tournament held at Hoop Magic in Chantilly, VA. Curtis Simons owns Hoop Magic and is really making his mark in the local basketball scene. The tournament was very good and all the local teams from Baltimore and D.C were in attendance. The Agent Zero tournament and the West Virginia tournament were the last two events before the first recruiting period ended.

Las Vegas will have over 400 teams and three different events and will require the entire staff from every institution in the country if the goal is to cover Vegas and leave no stone unturned. We generally follow the local teams from Baltimore, D.C and Virginia and will come across talent from other areas as well.

Orlando has two events happening back to back. The Super Showcase is the first event and the AAU Nationals are held immediately following the conclusion of the showcase. Both will have their base location as the Milk House at the Wild World of Sports complex at Walt Disney, but will have some games at local high school gyms.

The GPS systems are needed for sure but where is my baggie with all those receipts……

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