Sunday, July 6, 2008

Giving Back! Camp!!

Man….I know I’ve been out of Blog for a minute! I’ve been in the first session of my summer camp. The camp started Sunday 6/29/08 and ended Thursday, 7/03/08. Camp is tough because it’s intense instruction for youngsters of age 5-13 years old from 9-4pm. They are tired at the end of the day and so am I. The camp is held at the Bowie City Gym in Bowie, Maryland and is a great location. My goal, when I initially moved back to Maryland, was to really focus on sharing my experiences and knowledge of the game with as many young people as I could. I also planned to increase the level of fundamental play in the Maryland, D.C and Virginia area. I started running camp while I was the Head Coach at the University of California and continued to run a camp here in the D.C area upon my return to Maryland in 1996. This was part of my plan to give back to the community once I received the 8 year sanction from the NCAA and knew I wouldn’t be allowed to coach college basketball for a while.

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gmansalaam said...

Who Do congrats to you for a terrific season and to ur bro for the head job at gw i'll checkin in from time to time

who did it and ran