Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Viva Las Vegas! Let the Hoops begin!

All right people...we back at it again! The five day break was cool and I needed the rest but man...I love the recruiting trail. Next stop is Las Vegas and it starts today. We were allowed to use yesterday as a travel day. Most coaches and teams got in last night. The Las Vegas airport was off the hook! Teams every where, college coaches breezing through and that's with the normal crowd of folks looking to hit it big in the casinos. There were three teams on the flight I took. Gary Williams from Maryland, Gee Gee Smith from Loyola and myself were the college coaches on the flight. I hit it big when the airline needed to clear space and bumped me up to first class. It made for a more comfortable flight, that's for sure. Hopefully that's a sign of how the recruiting will go out here! Stop laughing...I'm always looking for positives in everything!

After this July period is over I have a golf outing that I attend every year with some buddies in Myrtle Beach and then I have another session of camp. TBBS II (The Todd Bozeman Basketball School) starts on August 10th at 1 pm. On August 9th from 8am-5pm the Maryland Basketball Club, run by Mel George, is conducting an Elite Grade School Combine at Good Counsel High School in Olney, MD. The combine is in it's third year and is growing in popularity every minute. They actually have check in on the 8th from 3-7 pm and start the full one day of intense work on the 9th 8am-5pm. If you are interested you can visit their web site at www.nbelitegradeschoolcombine.com. I highly recommend it! Every participant receives a pair of New Balance shoes, a reversible jersey and a t-shirt. The free shoes is not the reason I recommend it but that's cool though. The entry fee is around $125 or so and your youngster receives a pair of shoes, 4-6 fundamental stations, three games, awards, an NBA style combine player analysis and an NCAA regulation presentation. Hey, it's first class!

Ok, back to our regularly schedule program...summer recruiting! I've got some games I need to see! Good thing I have a GPS system in my Blackberry!

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realsport said...

I heard you are taking the Morgan Team to Canada. If so, when?