Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Brotherly Love for Campers too! See you at Reebok U!

Still in Ewing, New Jersey attending the Eastern Invitational today. This camp ends today with Playoffs and All-Star games. There will be all-star games for each of the three divisions, an underclassmen all-star game, a senior all-star game and a top 20 all-star game. A lot of basketball and a lot of campers leaving camp with a good feeling. I will spend the evening in Philly, watching the Reebok U camp held at Philadelphia University. This camp actually started on the 6th, but college coaches aren't allowed to attend until this evening. Cooperation between Eastern and Reebok worked out well. The campers at Reebok attend classes for SAT prep and other seminars to help enhance the youngsters experience and prepare them for college. The next couple of days the campers play games for the college coaches and scouts rating them for recruiting services. Route 295 and route 1 will be very busy for the next couple of days with colleges traveling back and forth to Reebok and the Eastern Invitational team camp which starts tomorrow. The summer life of a college basketball coach baby!

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