Wednesday, December 3, 2008

No Blooppers just reality....

Today is that mandatory One day off a week that the NCAA make you give your team. Otherwise you would be tempted to practice em EVERYDAY til they get things right. Well yesterday we had the team watch the game tape from start to finish by themselves with the assistant coaches standing outside the room in case things got out of hand. The seniors ran the film session and we did this the first year after one of those games where we played like crap and should have either won the game or simply played better. We play Coppin State Saturday afternoon and will have to certainly play better to have a chance to win that one.

The goal is for the guys to take responsibility for their actions. Stop blaming someone else, stop looking for a crutch and keep it moving. Again, life and sports mirror each other. As a coach you have to keep the big picture in mind or you'll go crazy. Get it back baby!

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