Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Birthday....O.D.B?

I answered the phone this morning and my Mother says...HAPPY BIRTHDAY son! I said Wow mom, 45 years ago you were in labour giving birth to "Boze", she said whatever...."your head was so BIG, I was in labour ALL day!" Thanks for bringing me back Ma! :) Mothers keep you in check huh?

Today was a good day. Lots of birthday wishes, probably because I saw a lot of folks today, Facebook and the stars lining up I guess. This was probably the most that I've ever have received! Lots of Love!! That's true! The fellas all wished me Happy Birthday and tried to act like they wanted to do the old school thing where they give you birthday licks! Yeah...Right! I'm a groan A$$ man dog! :) It was cool tho!

I rushed out of practice to get all the way across the DMV to Fairfax, VA to watch my son Blake's high school team play. They happened to be playing a kid I'm recruiting so it really worked out. They won the game and youngin is getting better. Youngin in my son...he signs his text messages "Young Boze", how bout that! lol Does that make me OLD Boze? Hey...That make me think about what my players at Cal called me. I know ya'll gonna crack up on this one! They were always calling me O.D.B. If some of ya'll are reading this I know ya'll are on the floor right now. O.D.B was a rapper back in the day with WU-Tang and O.D.B stood for Old Dirty Bastard. Anywho...they called my O.D.B and said it stood for Old Dirty Boze! lol Funny right? Yeah, whatever...they got a kick out of that too...that was in those moments where they were imitating me or just having fun on a road trip. That'll be one of those stories at my funeral.

We play Coppin tomorrow at 4 think they could get a Birthday win for O.D.B?

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