Sunday, December 7, 2008

American Gangster! Look Around....

It's always better waking up after a win! Especially when it's against the school that's in same town as you, the same conference as you and has been the bench mark in the conference for quite some time. Fang Mitchell has done more for the MEAC conference than any coach ever and there has been some really good ones. I call him Frank Lucas...from American Gangster. Not calling the man a gangster people but he 1) Is the OG of coaches in the league (27 years at Coppin), 2) he has upteen wins in the conference, 3) he has knocked off some of the giants in college basketball over the years, 4) his teams play with an aggressive style, and now...5) he has gangstered the coaches in the league and we all pay him 10%! LOL Just playing ya'll! I respect the man to the highest power. He almost hired me back in the day and wasn't afraid to tell folks that he was going to give a guy a second chance and that everyone deserves one.

My youngster plays today 3 p.m but we have practice at 12 noon first. They play Roman Catholic from Philly in this weekend High School basketball classic. There are quite a few teams from the Baltimore Washington area playing teams from all over the country. Then, the Redskins play Da Ravens! Sunday Night Football ya'll! The Ravens defense plays with bad intentions....American Gangsters huh?

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