Thursday, August 21, 2008

Serving Barbeque Ribs! Or Being Served Barbeque Ribs! Cookout N Canada!

Next summer I’m going to start training for the US Beach Volleyball team! Sike! Man, Dalhausser and Rogers put on a show! Great stuff! I am really enjoying watch all the events in the Olympics.

Ok, that explains why I’m up late every night even though we have been having two-a-day practices this week. We are preparing to go to Canada for Labor Day weekend to participate in 2-3 exhibition games in Windsor, Canada. Collegiate basketball teams or programs are allowed to go on foreign tours once every four years and you are given 10 practice days to prepare. It’s a great opportunity to establish a new personality for your team (if you’ve lost a lot from the previous year) or to implement new strategies for the upcoming season. The practices have been tough and the guys are really hurting right now, but they’ll get over it. Normally when school starts you have pre-season conditioning and individual workouts (you can only workout 4 players at a time during individuals). Official practice in division 1 doesn’t start until the Friday closest to October 15th every year. So you can see that going on a foreign tour is a plus. Teams can take the tour anytime after school lets out and the incoming players can participate as well. Anyway, it’s been great getting back into the gym. I really love practice and have been looking forward to the opportunity since we schedule the trip. It’s business but its fun too and I’ll do my best to keep it lite! :) We leave August 29th and we’ll return on Labor Day. We’ll miss the cookouts or Barbeques as some folks say, but we’ll be doing what we love to do….gettin our hoop on! Of course I’m gonna Blog while I’m there! What kind of question is that? LOL

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