Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Run for the Boarder!

We are ending training camp tomorrow and leaving town Friday for Canada. We will play two games in Windsor, Saturday and Sunday, and return home Monday afternoon. It's been a good ten days of hard work and the fellas have earned some fun! A couple of guys won't make the trip but most will. I'm looking forward to this team developing it's own personality and actually playing some games against someone or a team(s) that you aren't familiar with is a good start. The rim broke in practice today and for the sake of time and not having to wait for someone to fix it tomorrow....I grabbed a wrench and a new rim and replaced it myself. Got to get it done baby! The practice must go on!

I'm really enjoying this present walk in history! Barack Obama receiving the Democratic nod and formally representing the Democrats in the Presidential race. It's gonna be interesting as we get closer to November. My last comment about the Democratic Convention, to this point, is that Hillary Clinton hit a home run with her speech. Let's move on people and right this ship we call the United States. Peace and I'll shout at ya'll from across the boarder! The Northern Boarder that is!

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