Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Changing Times!!! Changing Clothes! 2 text or Not to Text....that is da ?

Ok…so we are in the 3rd day of camp this week but before I go the camp I have a breakfast meeting in downtown Baltimore, at the Center Club in the Legg Mason building, which starts at 7:30 am. Camp starts at 9 am but the staff is aware that I am going to be late. Good thing I have great administrators and head counselors working the camp as well, cause starting the camp day off well is really important to me. Aiight (hey don’t trip, that’s how my son sends text messages to me! “im aiight dad” w/e!), so the breakfast is a networking breakfast arranged by Visionary Marking Group (VMG) titled, Connecting the Dots Power Breakfast. The breakfast was an opportunity for Morgan State athletics, which is one of VMG’s clients, to connect with and influence key target audiences. There were four speakers, which included the head football coach at Morgan State, Don Hill and the cat writing this blog. Coach Hill and I spoke to the vision for our programs and how we could become successful partners with the companies in attendance. It’s a sponsorship program people! C’mon, just kidding, I know everyone got that! Right! Hey I’m just having fun. It was a great presentation by VMG and Morgan State did themselves right (or “a solid”) by hiring LaRian Finney’s group to market the Morgan State bears. It's a great new way to enhance marketing opportunities!Times are changing baby!

Anyway, immediately after the program ended I had to find a phone booth (wow, they don’t have those any more), and change into super camp coach and get back to the Bowie City gym before the campers tore it down. I arrived at camp to find that the younger group, which is called the NCAA division, had rehearsed a cheer for Coach Bozeman that showed him that “THEY” were ready to have a great day at camp. So I proceeded to jump in the middle of the midgets and groove to their beat! Got me going! The older division, which is called the NBA, had made some trades before the trade deadline and were on their way to finishing their fundamental work before beginning their games. A couple of head on collisions, bumped knees, “he took the ball from me and won’t give it backs” and “I’m hungry…when is lunch” later and we were into the last hour of camp. Oh yeah… the T.V at the gym was on the Olympics all day so we got a chance to see Michael Phelps continue to make history!(I think the someone should have given Mark Spitz a ticket...Damn!) Man I watched hand ball for the first time and now no the rules! They actually throw alley oops on the court too! On one play, the goalie got popped in the mouth with the ball from point blank range. Smash! Man, all I know is, is if that would have happen on Georgia Ave. (Washington, D.C), North Ave. (Baltimore) or any Martin Luther King Ave (Anywhere), it would have been on! 4 Sho! Man can’t transition fast enough from texting to correct writing! Whatever(w/e)...I’ll b aiight!

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