Sunday, June 27, 2010

Nobody Makes every shot! So there will always B REBOUNDS!

Last week...Thursday to be exact...After my 6 am Yoga class, I went to my Internship and put some good work N! I gettn more and more comfortable with da radio thang! Well, after some time n the office, catchn up on paperwork, planning summer recruitn and checkn on the fellas that are in summer school I had an appointment to speak with a group of cats from Jericho Re-Entry program.

I remember going thru a real tough time during my dayz out of college coaching...there was alot of tough spots but I always prayed up and stayed positive. Well, I always promised GOD that once I made it thru...I would gladly share my story and be transparent tellin it. I hope the fellas got something out of my story. I condensed it for sake of time and definitely wasn't preachy. Everyone deserves a second chance and some folks even deserve a third chance and maybe even a fourth. C'mon Son....stop tripn, everybody hits a tough spots and how we respond determine your level of success or ability to rebound. LOL I was going to say reboundness but i know that's not a word. LOL I used it anyway huh?

Anyway...good luck fellas! One step at a time...and remember prayer works! I'm a classic example!